Wednesday, October 30, 2013

From Pause to Play

Finally, back in Utah, ready to resume my life here! Since I’ve been gone my roommate, Keely, decided we needed to move to a house from our 2 bedroom apartment. She and my new roommate, Tara, found a great house, right around the corner from our old place. They pulled the trigger, signed the lease, packed up and moved all of our stuff. Since I was back east, I had pretty much nothing to do with the move and I feel incredibly thankful that I have such wonderful roommates that would move all my stuff for me. All I had to do was sign and send over a check!

Moving couldn't have been easier for me!

Skier girls have A LOT of gear!

After my final visits and goodbyes were made back east, finally, off to Utah I went! I made it back just in time to attend the newest Warren Miller film, Ticket 2 Ride, where Keely had a starring role in the Ski Montana segment. The premiere in Salt Lake is always a big scene; all the skiers are there with all the sponsors, promotional booths and media. Keely’s segment was definitely one of the best of the film. She inspired me to want to ski Montana, that’s for sure!

The premiere in Salt Lake kicked off the film tour for the fall, with subsequent showings all over the country, including Bozeman, MT, Keely’s hometown. I tagged along to the Bozeman event to see what all the fuss was about Montana, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. I’d obviously heard a lot about how awesome Montana is, having two roommates who call Montana home. Bozeman felt incredibly familiar to me, in a way, like Saratoga Springs, NY. The icing on the cake was Keely’s dad taking us for a ride in his little Cessna 173. We got up for a sunrise plane ride and flew all around Big Sky country. We flew across Big Sky and the Gallatin Valley lit up by the pink sunrise glow. Absolutely breathtaking and unforgettable!

Gallatin River where Keely grew up


Fly and Emma doggies on a hike
View from Storm Castle Peak

Getting ready for take off!

View of Big Sky at sunrise

The Sphynx