Saturday, June 23, 2012

June POW

My stint of unemployment following a long, hard ski season at Ski Club Vail, came to an end when I resumed working for the Club at their first annual Mt. Bachelor summer ski camp. Its something special as it's exclusively for SSCV athletes (alpine, freeride, freestyle, nordic, snowboard), whereas many other summer ski camps are a mixed bag of athletes from all over that come to train with a private camp. 

June 23, 2012, Day 8 of Ski Club Vail’s Bachelor Camp was absolutely unreal. We drove up to the mountain through about 4 or more inches of fresh wet snow. 

It was dumping up there. 

Initially we weren’t that psyched about skiing because it looked so crappy outside. Once we got out there to test the waters, it turned out to be incredible! We planned to mostly free-ski and do drills for our first day of GS training after a full week of slalom. With about 5-6 inches of fresh that had fallen since 5 am, drills went out the window and enjoying the white gift was on the ticket for the day. 

Seriously, who skis powder in June? We do! We hit just about every trail and even the bits that seemed un-skiable earlier in the week due to rotten, sun-baked snow coverage. Then we hiked up the dome on the front side of the mountain and made more fresh tracks. 
One of my U14 athletes dropping in!

The kids have been working so hard all week and have been skiing so well that today was a great treat to free ski, hoot and holler, and simply enjoy the mountain for the day.  I am ecstatic to have started the second week of camp with such an incredibly high note. Hopefully the next 5 days will be just as fun!

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