Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Early Season Skin

After getting home from a whirlwind tour of Boulder last weekend, it was up and at 'em early Monday morning with spin class at Westminster to sweat it out!

My fellow Skidmore Alpine Ski Team alum in Utah, Andrew called me 1/2 way through spin, "wanna ski this morning? Do you have touring gear?"
... and off we went, up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Brighton, who received a blanketing of almost 50 inches over the weekend.

Gorgeous day, great to get out there with friends and enjoy it!! Although, I got caught on a stump about 2 turns into the run that flung me down.. yikes! There's mountain sharks in the early season that come up and bite if you're not careful!

When I got home I found an extra special package containing those bad boys!! ^ My new Dalbello Sherpa 5/5's! They will be everything I need for standing on the side of race courses coaching my athletes, to high tailing it up pistes to complete my touring setup.

Such a great day and start to my winter in Utah, FINALLY!

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