Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fill 'er up

The morning of July 5th we got things rolling straight away, no hour long leisurely breakfast to ease into the day. High tide came at 9:59 am on July 5th in Rockland Harbor, so we had to act fast. Bringing a 140ft boat into a tight harbor marina fuel dock wasn’t the issue; it was getting in when the water was deep enough to allow our 12 feet of draft to pass through.

Journey’s End Marina in Rockland, Maine made a killing off Islandia. Although, they did give us a .20 cent per gallon discount for buying over 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel, which was a nice gesture, we dropped $6,000 without blinking an eye - not even close to filling an empty tank, we simply topped her off.

Docking went very smoothly, which was to the professionalism of the rest of the crew who all are seasoned sailors, besides me; I just take direction well. Before we left our anchorage we got out bow and stern lines and two spring lines which cross each other at mid-ship to further secure the boat on the dock. Andy was positioned at the bow, Julie with the spring lines at mid-ship and I had the stern line as it would be the last line to be thrown to the dock hand and the boat would be pretty secure by the time I had to let it go. Unfortunately, with no practice, I wasn't able to heave the stern line very gracefully and it ended up mostly in the water... My sailing skills will come in due time... 

We're often reminded of just how magnificent Islandia is, not that we forget, but living in her 24/7 can make her seem normal. Docking this beast was smooth and easy, but it drew quite a crowd. Witnessing a 140ft sailing yacht come in to dock must be a sight to be seen because the entire marina staff plus local on-lookers and everyone on their boats in the marina were peeping us the entire time. I feel so incredibly lucky and honored to be working on Islandia with the great crew that we comprise. Julie informed me that Islandia is one of the top 100 largest sailing yachts in the world...

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