Friday, July 13, 2012

Life's Good at Mt. Hood

I’ve finally settled in after a wild welcome back week in Govy. I’ve felt like the days were getting away from me almost immediately upon my arrival just running around with friends, staying up late, not getting enough sleep and getting to the mountain late. I didn’t have much control or independence, which made me feel icky. Now that I’ve gotten my routine down on the hill and at the shop, the ickyness has receded.

Trillium Lake - one of most picturesque spots I've ever been

A typical day in the life of Lyndsay Strange at Mt. Hood goes as follows:
6:30 alarm goes off
~6:55 roll out of bed
7:15 head up the hill
7:30 load the lift
7:30-11:45ish promote Bomber Skis and get athletes to test skis while I ski around with them, schmooze with the groups around the mountain, do some training myself (getting pumped for the Mt. Hood Summer Fun Nationals masters race in a week!!),
11:45 make my way down the glacier, down time/lunch before I open the shop
1:00 open Reliable Racing
6:00 close Reliable Racing
6-? tune skis, dinner, relax, post up at Charlie’s Bar, adventures in the Hoodland, etc.
Setting up skis for test flights!

Photo: Anabelle McLean -> follow her on instagram @anabellemclean @abdoesdesign

The shop is closed on Sundays, which is the day I try to do more traditional summer activities like hiking, swimming, and visiting Portland/Hood River instead of ski. 
This Sunday I’m heading to the Oregon Country Fair. It is the weirdest, best festival I have ever been to. It’s a fairyland in the middle of the woods with naked people running around, the crunchiest hippies, amazing unique crafts, vendors and food, theater, poetry and music spread throughout the grounds. This will be the second summer I’ve been to the fair and I look forward to seeing March Fourth Marching Band play. They are the most unique and fun band I’ve ever seen – pure entertainment. M4 is like a circus of stimulation with band members on stilts marching through the crowd getting people pumped up, everyone dressed in these ornate circusy burlesque costumes that play the funkiest music I’ve ever heard. 
Oregon Country Fair 2011

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